Bear Grylls Returns To Discovery Channel

It appears that Bear Grylls and the Discovery Channel have patched up their relationship and are going into business with one another once again. Earlier this week it was announced that Grylls would return to the network with a new show entitled Bear Grylls: Ultimate Survivor. Discovery had ordered 6 one-hour episodes to begin airing later in the year.

Ultimate Survivor will take a bit of a different spin from Grylls original show, Man vs. Wild. This time out, the show will tell true stories of ordinary people put into extraordinary survival situations. The show will dramatically reenact elements of those stories as a set up for Grylls, who will then try to duplicate the feat of person who survived the events in the first place. Those situations could include surviving a plane crash in the Amazon, getting stranded in the desert or lost in the mountains.

Bear’s return to Discovery comes less than a year after he and the network parted ways in a dispute over projects that he was contacted to do but wasn’t taking part in. Obviously there weren’t too many hard feeling about the way things ended, as it seems both parties are eager to work with one another again.

The announcement of this new show comes on the heals of Bear joining forces with NBC for a new reality show that should be set to air later this year as well. Exactly what that show will be about remains a bit nebulous, although I suspect we’ll find out this summer. Either way, fans of Grylls will be seeing a lot more of him soon.

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Kraig Becker

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