Hiker To Set New Record On PCT

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Back in early June I posted a story about vegan hiker Josh Garrett who was about to attempt to set a new record for thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. At the time, Josh was just starting out on his adventure and still had most of the 2655-mile (4272 km) route still ahead of him. Now, nearly two months later, he is nearing the end and a new record for this epic hike is now in sight.

According to Josh’s support team he should be approaching the finish line at the border between the U.S. and Canada later today. He is expected to wrap up his journey in the early afternoon local time. While we’ll have to wait to see what his official time will be, he will complete the hike in under 60 days. The previous record was 64 days, 11 hours and 19 minutes. That means that for the past two months, Josh has been averaging more than 44 miles (70 km) per day, on foot, through some rather rugged terrain. That is an impressive stat to say the least.

The 30-year old Garrett is a college track coach who has hiked the PCT before. Back in 2009 he did it a more leisurely pace (at least for him!) completing the route in 88 days. This time out he not only wanted to set a new record but he was also raising funds for Mercy For Animals, a nonprofit dedicated to stamping out the cruel treatment of animals.

For updates on Josh’s progress, watch his Facebook page. It should be updated shortly after he completes the trek and hopefully provides us with an official time.

Not a bad way to spend your summer. Take a little hike on one of the world’s best long distance trails, maybe set a new speed record in the process. Congrats to Josh on a job well done!

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2 thoughts on “Hiker To Set New Record On PCT”

  1. Instead you should be posting about Heather Anderson who just broke the record unsupported. Josh is getting way too much publicity, but I guess that's what happens when a wealthy CEO pays someone to tail you and provide food and minimize logistics, etc. Within the thru hiking community at least Heather is getting the attention she deserves. Supported thru hikes kinda defeat the spirit of the thing. Same goes for Jennifer Pharr Davis, yawn…..

  2. I only just became aware of Heather's efforts within the last day or two and I know there is a bit of a debate going on right now about supported vs. unsupported. I'm not going to get in the middle of that but if someone wants to put a qualifier on the record, so be it. Both are impressive accomplishments.

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