Expedition Idaho Adventure Race Website Online!

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Awhile back, we announced the return of the Expedition Idaho adventure race for 2014, which is scheduled to take place August 10-16 near beautiful Coeur d’Alene. At the time of that announcement, the website for the 500+ mile long race was still under construction, so there was very little news or information available for teams and AR fans alike. Earlier this week, the full website went live, providing more insights into what teams can expect when they had to Idaho later this year.

On the site, you’ll find a list of the mandatory gear required for the event, some thoughts on the race’s format, information on the course, and much, much more. Registration for the event is still coming, but should be online soon, so interested teams will definitely want to watch for the announcement of when they can reserve their spot in the race.

One of the highlights of this race is the finish. Adventure races aren’t known for having great finishes, but at Expedition Idaho, all of the time teams come across the finish line on the final day amidst a large beer party that creates a raucous atmosphere unlike any other in the sport. It will be something to behold for sure, and teams that competed in the 2011 version of the race were amazed by the reception they got as they came across the line. The 2014 version of the race should be even better.

In the previous announcement about the return of EXPID, it was all announced that Expedition Alaska would be coming in 2015. We’ll have to wait for more news on that race in the months ahead, but just the location alone should be enough to get most people excited about the possibilities. We’ll share more insights into that one when they become available as well.

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