Outside Picks the 30 Best Trips for 2015

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Still having difficult deciding where you want to travel in 2015? Have no fear, as Outside magazine is here to help. The editors of the popular outdoor and adventure mag have compiled their choices for the 30 most incredible trips for the year ahead, giving readers plenty of suggestions of places to visit based on their own personal preferences for ideal travel destinations.

Amongst the places that earn a spot on Outside‘s list are Bermuda, which was named the “Best Island,” and Fiji which took home the top honors for “Best River Trip.” Cuba, which is finally opening up to American travelers after five decades, received a nod for “Best Dive” spot, while one of my personal favorite destinations – Montana – earned the distinction for being the “Best of the Wild West.”

Those places are just scratching the surface of suggested destinations to visit however. Outside also names my old stomping grounds in Austin, Texas as the best place for street food, and it says that Portland, Maine is the best place to “tie one on.” The magazine also recommends heading to the San Juan Mountains of Colorado for a seven day mountain biking tour, and names Chile as the “Best International Adventure Hub,” an honor that I can certainly agree with.

There are plenty of other great trips and destinations on Outside‘s list as well, so even if none of the ones I’ve already mentioned strike your fancy, you’re sure to find something to like. Whether you want to hangout at the beach, explore a destination by car, or paddle the serene waters of a mountain lake, you’ll find some great suggestions on where you can do that, and a whole lot more. Check out the entire list of tops destinations by clicking here, and start planning your adventurous escapes today.

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  1. I appreciate the post – I'll check out Outside Magazine, I'd never heard of it. Planning summer travels for 2015 and 2016 right now 🙂

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