80-Year Old Adventurer Will Paddle the Mississippi River From Source to Sea

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Dale Sanders is proof that age is just a number, and you’re never too old for a grand adventure. The 80-year old “gray bearded adventurer” will soon set off on a paddling journey down the entire length of the Mississippi River. If successful in his venture, he’ll likely become the oldest person to ever go source to sea on that massive waterway.

Over the past few years, Dale has been lending assistance to other paddlers on the Mississippi. His efforts started back in 2011 when he gave British adventurer Dave Cornthwaite a hand as he ran the Mississippi on a stand-up paddleboard. Dale found the experience so rewarding, that he continued to help others as well, with more than 50 paddlers now having passed through his doors.

But now, the octogenarian has his own reasons for making the journey. He is hoping to raise awareness and funds to find a cure for Type I Juvenile Diabetes, and affliction that his grand niece suffers from.

Dale will set out soon on his adventure, and you’ll be able to follow the entire journey on his Facebook page. The video below also serves as an introduction to Dale, who says that he also wants to hike the entire length of the Appalachian Trail in a few years, but he is waiting until he is old enough to become the oldest person to accomplish that feat as well.

Good luck Dale, and thanks to Dave for sharing this great story.

Meet Dale Sanders from Coltin Calloway on Vimeo.

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