10,000th Post!

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The Adventure Blog has reached a major milestone today. This is the 10,000th post I’ve made on this blog, which I started more than 10 years ago now. When I launched this site all those years back, I had no idea how far it would come, and how it would impact my life. It has allowed me to meet some fantastic people, visit some amazing places, and witness some dramatic things. It has been a real honor and a pleasure to share all of these stories with my regular readers, who I want to thank for showing me so much support and loyalty. The Adventure Blog wouldn’t exist without you, and I appreciate you dropping by from time to time. Here’s to another 10 years and 10,000 posts! Thank you all.

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “10,000th Post!”

  1. Proud of you. Many bloggers are not persistant,they do it for a year or two. You never gave up and actually mainly sticked 80% to aventure. We tolerate your passion for the tour de France 🙂
    We are ready for thé next 10.000.

  2. Thanks everyone for the kind words! I appreciate each and everyone of you too. The Adventure Blog wouldn't still be going if it weren't for the wonderful people like you that I've connected with over the years.

    And Lou-Phi, I'll try to keep the Tour de France coverage to a minimum this year. 😉

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