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Lets face it, there are literally hundreds of smartphone cases to choose from these days and it has gotten to the point where it is impossible to see them all. But, there aren’t very many of them that are slim, light, and still manage to provide a high level of protection. Those are exactly the characteristics I’m looking for when I want to buy a case for my iPhone, as the device is already quite thin and lightweight on its own and I don’t want to mess with that. Because, I’m very particular about the case that I put on my mobile device, particularly when I’m traveling. Recently, the one that I’ve found myself using the most is the Lander Powell, which is a good looking suit of armor that doesn’t detract from the looks of the phone.

The feature-set on the Powell is what you would expect from a good iPhone case. It is tough and rugged, and includes a raised bezel that helps protect the screen from accidental drops. It also has a nice textured feel to it that makes it easier to grip, which is a common issue for Apple’s sleek gadgets.  It even has a sleek, modern look to it that helps to set your phone apart from the crowd, which is a refreshing change in a sea of cases that often look exactly alike.

But beyond that, the Powell has been certified to meet military 810 drop-test standards. That means the case was built to survive a fall of up to 4 feet (1.2 meters) without causing any damage to the phone. That might not seem like very much, but it is enough to keep your device safe from most common accidents.

As someone who has owned an iPhone since the very first day the became available, I’ve always been drawn to its nice sense of style. Thankfully, the Powell doesn’t detract from that style, but instead compliments it. In face, Lander even makes a version of the case that is translucent, which allows your chosen color of iPhone – not to mention the iconic Apple logo – to be seen even while the case is in place.

Its slim design hugs the body of the iPhone nicely, giving you the extra protection you need but without turning the phone into a brick. That’s something I appreciate greatly, because I now take my phone pretty much everywhere, including to some pretty remote places. This year alone, my iPhone has gone to Utah (multiple times!), Alaska, Colorado, North Carolina, California, Spain, the Caribbean, the Adirondack Mountains, Quebec, and Mongolia, and each time it was used extensively in all of those different places. That means that every time I hit the road I run the risk of damaging the device. But, with Lander’s Powell case I don’t feel like that is much of a legitimate concern, and I suspect you won’t either.

Sure, there are other case options to choose from, some of which extend the level of protection to making the phone waterproof as well. But, those cases usually add a significant amount of bulk to the phone, and can create some other challenges too, not the least of which are poor audio performance and difficulty taking them on and off. While the Powell won’t make your iPhone waterproof, it will provide all the protection it needs against drops and hard impacts, which is what we generally need for our backcountry excursions and adventure travels to the far side of the planet.

Lander makes the Powell for both the iPhone 6/6S and the iPhone 7, as well as the “Plus” editions of each of those models as well. Priced at $34.95 for the standard model and $39.95 for the “Plus” version, this is an excellent case at a great price. If you need plenty of protection in a thin package, this is a case you’ll want to have on your list. It’ll perform admirably without dramatically changing the look of the device.

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