Outside Ranks the 10 Best Climbing Scenes in Movie History

Here’s a fun article that will provide a few chuckles, and likely a few groans too. Outside magazine has put together its definitive list of the 10 best climbing scenes in movie history, giving us a quick look at how Hollywood often views the sport. As you can probably imagine, that varies greatly from highly accurate to “hasn’t got a clue” depending on who is in charge of the film.

The list consists of a number of scenes that we’ve all come to know and love, as well as a few surprise additions from as recent as this summer (We’re looking at you Wonder Woman!). Each entry is also accompanied by a YouTube clip of the scene in question, along with a description and a score based on four different categories: objective, accuracy, artistry, and fun quotient. The numbers awarded from 1 to 10 are then complied to create a total that provides the final rankings.

It’s all purely subjective of course, but also done in great fun. And while it is nice to see some of the climbing scenes from popular movies on the list, there are a few left out as well. (No Eiger Sanction? Really?) Still, the videos help to relive these cinematic moments, which are often points of pure drama in the individual films.

I won’t spoil the list in any way, except to provide the video below which is from one of the entries. It’s a clip we’ve all seen before, but it is a good indication of what you can expect here. Go have some fun with this one.

Kraig Becker