Google Adds All South African National Parks to Street View

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If you’ve always wanted to go to South Africa, but just can’t find the time, I have good news for you. Google has added all of the country’s national parks, along with many other preserves and other tourist attractions to Street View, giving Google Maps users the ability to take a virtual tour of some of the best outdoor spaces South Africa has to offer.

Last year, Google added iconic places like Kruger National Park, Table Mountain, and Cape Point to Street View, bring those spectacular settings to its Maps software. But in its latest expansion, the Internet search giant has added more than 170 new trails that stretch out across even more nature reserves and national park locations.

The images for these places were gathered by a team of dedicated outdoor enthusiasts living in South Africa, who used Google’s Trekker backpack to capture 360º images as they hiked through these locations. The Trekker takes photos along the way, with the images stitched together using special software that provides a full panoramic view of the locations.

Some of the new places that were added to Street View include the Madikwe Game Reserve, the Garden Route National Park, and Giba Gorge. You’ll also find fantastic South African experiences such as a hot air ballon safari and a horseback safari too.

Nothing can beat an actual visit to South Africa of course, as the country is truly one of my favorites. But, if you need a little escape from the daily grind, why not drop over to Google’s #DiscoverSouthAfrica site to take a little wander around?

Kraig Becker

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