Himalaya Spring 2018: Luxury Climbing Experience Comes to Everest North Side


We’re standing right on the precipice of another spring climbing season in the Himalaya with hundreds of climbers preparing to descend on Kathmandu over the next couple of weeks. As always, it promises to be a long and interesting couple of months, with no doubt lots to report on. Prior to the start of the season however, we’re starting to get a glimpse of what to expect this year, and that includes some surprisingly luxurious accommodations from one outfitter on the North Side of Everest.

Alan Arnette has shared some amazing photos of what clients climbing with the 7 Summits Club can expect when they arrive in Base Camp in a few weeks time. The company has been leading expeditions on Everest for years and has often been at the forefront of trying new techniques and making its guests feel as comfortable and at home as possible. But for this year, team leader Alex Abramov is taking things to another level.

For 2018, 7 Summits will have 40 climbers on its team, and each of them are in for quite a treat. When they arrive in BC they’ll find that they have their own private two room tent that has been designed to maximize comfort and privacy. One room is set up to be a small waiting area, complete with a table and chair that would be perfect for writing in a journal, surfing the Internet on a computer, or enjoying some quiet time reading a book. That outer room connects to the bedroom, which comes equipped with a very comfy looking bed covered in a down comforter. The floors even have rugs to help bring an even bigger sense of comfort to the place.

Alan is quick to point out that on the North Side of Everest climbers don’t have to trek to BC, but instead arrive there by motorized vehicle. This allows 7 Summits to ship all of this extra gear to the campsite, allowing for a higher level of luxury than you would find on the South Side, where all of this equipment would need to be carried by hand.

Abramov is quoted as saying that the chances of success go up on Everest if the climbers have some creature comforts that allow them to sleep better, get more rest, and stay relaxed. That starts with their sleeping arrangements in Base Camp, where the team will end up spending much of their time. But, the camp will also be outfitted with a full bar, a sauna, and a message table as well. Additionally, Alan reports that the team will also use supplemental oxygen every time a climber reaches a new altitude and spends the night, aiding in their acclimatization efforts. This apparently worked well in 2017, and the group will continue those efforts now.

So how much does all of this cost the client? 7 Summits Club charges $64,900 for one support Sherpa and six oxygen bottles, or $79,900 for an additional Sherpa and six more oxygen bottles. Alan is quick to point out that the price includes access to email, a television set and DVD player, the sauna, and of course two t-shirts.

All things considered, that isn’t a bad price.

Kraig Becker