Happy Holidays and The Adventure Blog is Moving!

holidaysWith Christmas arriving next week and the New Year just around the corner, I wanted to take this opportunity to with readers happy holidays for 2018 and the best of luck in all your adventures in 2019. We’ll be taking most of next week off, in part to enjoy time with friends and family, but also because we’ll be working on a new website that will officially launch early in 2019. Yep, at long last, The Adventure Blog is moving to its own domain.
I’ve been on blogspot for almost 12 years. When I started The Adventure Blog, it was on a complete whim, never thinking that anyone would ever want to read anything I had to say, let alone that it would lead to a complete change in career. At the time, blogspot was a nice option, because it was free, easy to set up and use, and was part of the whole blog movement that was taking place back then. Since then however, the Internet has moved on, while the blogspot platform has kind of languished. It’s still fine for a lot of things, but it is somewhat limiting to growth, so this is a move that is long over due.
I’ve been considering making the jump to my own domain for years now, but unfortunately most of the domain names that were remotely close to “adventure blog” were taken and have been camped on for a very long time. I made an effort to get AdventureBlog.com a few years ago, but the asking price was way too steep. Recently however, AdventureBlog.net came available, and I pounced on it. Now, I’m happy to say that I’ll be continuing my coverage of all things outdoor adventure and exploration from that site moving forward.
If you receive these messages via my daily email, I hope to convert that entire list over to the new feed once everything is up and running. Hopefully, that means you won’t have to do a thing to continue seeing my posts. There will be new options for following the site and its content as well, which will hopefully allow more readers to join in on the fun. The new site has also been designed to be more mobile responsive, making it easier to read on tablet or smartphone too.I’ll be continuing to keep an eye on big events in the outdoor space all next week, even as I tinker with the new site. If anything major happens, I’ll be sure to post an update but considering the holiday season is usually a quiet one on the Internet, I suspect there won’t be much to say. Meanwhile, I’ll be focusing my attention behind the scenes, creating the new home for the Adventure Blog. We’ll be back at it very soon, with a spiffy new space to share our stories.Thanks for your patience during this process and a big thanks to all of the readers who have hung with me over the years. I really appreciate your support. In the meantime, check out the video below of some drones wishing us all a happy holiday season.

Kraig Becker

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