Adventure Quickies: Gear Junkie Launches a Podcast, Kate Upton Joins Canada Goose, and More

Each Friday I share a number of stories that I didn’t have time or space to cover anywhere else. I call these links my “Adventure Quickies,” as each entry is short and to the point, with a link out to other websites to find more details. Here’s a few of the things you might have missed elsewhere this week.

  • The Gear Junkie Launches a Podcast: In an era when everyone has their own podcast, there still seems to be a shortage of good options for the outdoor and adventure crowd. Thankfully, this week we got a new options for those of us who have been waiting for more audio content to listen to in our cars, while we workout, or even just around the house. The GearJunkie has launched its first podcast with three excellent episodes featuring interviews with the likes of Lael Wilcox, Jay Petervary, and Tom Gathman. Download it to your favorite podcast app now.
  • Kate Upton and Canada Goose Join Forces: This week, supermodel Kate Upton and upscale outdoor gear manufacturer Canada Goose announced that they were partnering to fight climate change. Proceeds for the company’s Polar Bear International line will go to protecting the creatures as their habitat shrinks due to global warming and increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  • Knog’s Latest Headlamp is a $280,000 Sensation: Crowdfunding new gear on Kickstarter has become a viable new way to get products into the marketplace, particularly for smaller gear companies. Recently, Knog—a company that specializes in headlamps and bike lights—launched a fundraiser to get its latest product into production, setting a modest goal of about $13,000. Now, with the campaign about to wrap up, the 400-lumen Bilby has raised nearly $280,000, making it a runaway success.
  • Yeti Kicks Off 12-City International Film Tour: If you’re a fan of products from Yeti and adventure films, you’re in luck, because those two things are coming together. The premium-cooler manufacturer has announced the dates an locations for its 12-city international film festival tour, which will bring some of the brands best short documentaries to places like Chicago, Nashville, Portland, and a number of other great cities.
  • TNF Announces Renewed Design Residency: We all know that the outdoor gear industry has made a major push to become more eco-friendly and sustainable. Now, The North Face is taking things to a new level by announcing a renewed design residency that looks to instruct top designers on how to think politically about the life cycle of outdoor gear and ways to make this products better for the planet. Find out more here.
  • Popular Mechanics Posts Worst Gear Article Ever: Finally, this one has been bouncing around in my brain since back in December, but I finally had to share it somewhere. During the holidays, Popular Mechanics posted a gift guide that offered the 15 best gear items for bike camping. What’s the problem you ask? That list includes things like cast iron cook sets, a 14-person tent, and a “trail shower.” I’d venture to say that none of these items are good for “bike camping,” which begs the question; has this person ever even gone bikepacking?
Kraig Becker