Video: The Joy of Owning an Adventure Dog

Here’s a video for dog owners or those who can just appreciate the relationship between humans and their canine pets. It shares the relationship between an outdoor enthusiast and his adventure dog, who is his best friend and companion on many hikes, runs, and rides. As a dog owner (x2) myself, this clip really hammers home what it means to have a pup as your companion, whether that’s on the trail, at the dog park, or just around home. There is no question that the relationship between humans and dogs is a special one, and this video is a good reminder of that.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Video: The Joy of Owning an Adventure Dog”

  1. I loved my Border Collie and did the same running and cycling when she was in her prime up to 40 trail miles in a day. Sadly when she got to 12 she started slowing down and even had to wait on a run sometimes. ?
    Please enjoy while you can as it’s sadly such a short life for them.

  2. I am not crying you are! My friend had to be put down in early January due to bone cancer. Having a hole in your heart is a feeling that is so strong and painful. Watching this video brought me to tears thinking of my girl and all the fun we had. It also made me hopeful that the new puppy we just brought home will in time find room in my heart in the same but different way…..her own special place and memories. Sad about what I lost and hopeful for what is to come…..that is what this video brought to my heart today. Thank you.

  3. Agree with you both. We love your two pups, but it is so hard to say goodbye. They do bring a lot of joy to your life though, which make it all worthwhile.

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