Gear Closet: Kühl Silencr Pant Review

Kühl Silencer Pant : For years I’ve been hearing about a company called Kühl from some good friends who swear by the outdoor apparel it makes. Based on their first-hand accounts of the products, I gathered that the Kühl’s clothing was comfortable, durable, and attractive, but I hadn’t had the chance to try any of their items up until recently myself.

That all changed about two weeks ago when I was sent two garments to finally take for a test flight. Those products included the Burr Jacket and the Silencr Pant. You’ll have to wait a bit longer to get my thoughts on the jacket, but after wearing the pants on several occasions, I now have a better understanding of why this brand gets so much love.

Comfortable & Versatile (Kühl Silencer Pant)

Anyone who has read my reviews of outdoor and travel clothing in the past knows that I value comfort, versatility, and classic good looks from my apparel. Obviously, you want whatever you’re wearing to fit properly and support you in whatever activities you are undertaking, which is why we all emphasize comfort.

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When I say I want something versatile, I like to travel with highly functional garments on the trail but still look good enough to wear to dinner. This cuts down on the number of items I need to pack, keeping my bags nice and light in the process.

Well Designed with Plenty of Style

It doesn’t hurt if those clothing items happen to look great either, although I don’t expect to be at the height of fashion. Instead, I’d rather have clothing with a classic, never-go-out-of-style look to it that isn’t overly flashy.

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All of that sums up the Silencr pant nicely. Made from softshell fabrics that are lightweight, breathable, and offer just enough stretch to not inhibit motion, this is a pair of pants designed with adventurers in mind. You could wear them hiking, backpacking, climbing, or just traveling through airports, and they would be equally as functional.

At the same time, they look good enough for a casual night out on the town, without anyone taking a second glance. Our outdoor gear often has an overly technical look to it, but that isn’t the case here, and you’ll feel comfortable wearing these in just about any environment.

I often have difficulty finding pants that fit properly, in part because I have a fairly narrow waist and a longer length. It doesn’t hurt that running and cycling have given me thick thighs and a sizable rump, all of which have complicated my process of purchasing new pants.

However, that hasn’t been an issue with the Silencr as they fit nicely right off the shelf. The aforementioned stretch fabrics hold snugly where they should but have enough given to provide a free range of motion. At the same time, articulation in the legs allows for a natural motion as well. As a result, I can put these pants on and know that I’ll be able to take on whatever the day sends my way without much difficulty.

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Designed with the modern adventurer in mind, the Silencr comes with seven pockets in total. As with most pants, you have two on the front and two on the back, right where you would expect them to be.

One of those front pockets has a nested coin pocket as well, while two drop-in cell phone pockets are found on each leg. Either of those is a handy place to store even larger mobile devices, freeing up your more conventional pockets for other items.

Other nice touches include a micro-chamois lining along the waist and a DWR coating that keeps moisture at bay. The pants aren’t exactly waterproof, but in anything short of a downpour, they’re likely to keep you comfortable and dry.

Ripstop fabrics deliver Kühl’s trademark durability while also offering a 50 UPF rating against the sun. Add in a high moisture-wicking level, and you have all of the ingredients you need for a classic adventure pant.

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As with any good outdoor product, the Silencr pant is more than the sum of its part. Yes, the list of features is impressive for a garment as simple as a pair of pants. But, it is how all of those features come together that makes this product stand out in a very crowded field.

Every gear manufacturer in the outdoor industry makes pants of some kind, but most are fairly simple and don’t do much to separate themselves from the pack. Kühl takes its product design and functionality very seriously, delivering a travel garment that you can put in your pack and never have to think about again.

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That’s the greatest compliment that an adventurer traveler can give his or her clothing, as it means you trust those items completely and know that they’ll get you through whatever challenges you might face.

The Kühl Silencr Pant is a must-have for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road or trail.

Comfortable, durable, and versatile, you’ll find yourself reaching for these pants time and again, whether you’re heading to Africa on safari, jetting off to Nepal to trek to Everest Base Camp, or just grabbing lunch with friends in town. Thankfully, they’re built to last, which means you’ll get all of your money’s worth out of them and then some.

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Kraig Becker