Gear Closet: Kühl Burr Jacket Review

Kühl Burr Jacket : A couple of weeks back, I posted a Kühl Silencr pant review, giving it high marks for comfort, style, and durability. In that review, I also mentioned that Kühl had hooked me up with its Burr Jacket as well, but up until then, I really hadn’t had much of a chance to test it yet.

Since then, I’ve been able to wear it out and about and can now tell you that it exhibits many of the same traits that I’ve come to appreciate from the company’s pants. But in terms of eye-catching design, the Burr ups the ante considerably.

Material & Design

Made from 100% combed cotton canvas, the Burr feels very durable, like something you can wear for years without the worry of failure. It also has a classic, timeless look about it that will age well too. In fact, this is the kind of jacket that will probably end up looking better with time, weathering in such a way that it shows that it has been on more than a few adventures.

Equally as comfortable on the back of a motorcycle as it would be scrambling out of a floatplane, the Burr jacket is something that you can wear to dinner, then take it to the campsite the next day. And gathering from the numerous compliments I’ve received while wearing it, others will appreciate its design as well.

As with Kühl’s pants, the design elements seem fairly simple at first glance. The cut of the jacket is slim and form-fitting, seemingly made for someone on the go. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll discover that some very thoughtful choices went into creating the Burr, adding extra functionality as a result.

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For instance, it comes with two hand warming pockets located in the standard position on the jacket’s sides. There is also a surprisingly large chest pocket as well, which is nice for storing items that you want close at hand but not taking up room in the hand pockets. That includes a large smartphone, which can slip inconspicuously into place but still easy to reach when needed.

Inside the Burr, there is a zippered security pocket as well, which hides valuables that you don’t want to be easily found. This is also a great spot for a smartphone and a passport or other important travel documents.

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Kühl’s trademark level of quality is on display in every aspect of the Burr jacket. The YKK zippers are tough, smooth, and easy to pull.

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The canvas fabrics are soft to the touch, while at the same time, they are quite durable. The jacket’s construction is accented by saddle stitching that is good looking while somehow still managing to stay unobtrusive.

That stitching helps to bring all of the elements together in a way that provides confidence that this is a garment that you’ll often be wearing without fear that it won’t be able to and up to the wear and tear that comes from frequent abuse.

Fit & Finish

I mentioned that the Burr has a form-fitting design and an athletic look. That said, it also doesn’t restrict motion in any way, margin it easy to move in even while being active.

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The snug design helps to provide a bit of extra warmth while out in cooler temperatures, but not at the expense of feeling confined or encumbered. Even with a latter or two underneath, I always felt like the jacket was there to support my movements rather than hinder them.

That said, this isn’t a technical jacket that you’ll want to take with you while hiking or climbing. While it is warm and built for adventure, there are better options out there when it comes to more technical pursuits.

The Burr is meant for travel, daily commutes, soft adventures, and looking good around town. Trust me, you’ll definitely look good around town.


The Kühl Burr jacket is nicely priced, delivering style, durability, and performance for just $129. That’s a real bargain for what this jacket brings to the table.


It is handsomely made a great travel companion and a wonderfully comfortable garment for use in a wide variety of environments. All of that makes it very easy to recommend, while the price point makes it easy to add to your own gear closet at well.

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