Video: Kayaking the Legendary Tsangpo River in Tibet

The Tsangpo River in Tibet is widely regarded as one of the wildest, most remote, and unexplored rivers on the planet. It is known for having towering mountains, deep gorges, and some of the most dangerous rapids imaginable.

Most of us will never have a chance to see this place ourselves, let alone attempt to kayak down it. That’s part of what makes this video so interesting as we get to watch as Adrian Mattern, Ben Orton, and Nouria Newman take on this raging river. Personally, I’m happy to watch this one from the sidelines, as it is a little too wild for my tastes.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Now that these three have survived this, what are they gonna do? There is probably nothing bigger than this! Is this the place an American paddler died on the first descent?

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