A 64-Year Old Rally Driver is Heading to Antarctica with Her Porsche

We’re still a couple of months away from the start of the Antarctic expedition season—which may or may not take place this year—but already there are a few interesting stories starting to emerge. Take for example Renée Brinkerhoff, who has no plans to ski to the South Pole or attempt to climb Mt. Vinson. Instead, she’s … Read more

Adventure Quickies: Mother-Daughter Traverse of Iceland, Polar Bear Fatality in Svalbard, and More

It’s Friday, which means its time for my weekly round-up of all of the unique and interesting stories that I didn’t have the space or time to cover elsewhere. That can include new from the world of exploration and adventure, gear and travel deals, or news about the environment. Either way, here are a few … Read more

New Study Shows Everest has Gotten Safer Despite Being More Crowded

A new study conducted by the University of Washington and the University of California takes a look at the past two decades of climbing on Mt. Everest and comes away with some interesting results. Despite conventional wisdom and media reports, the researchers behind the study have determined that even though the mountain has become increasingly … Read more

India to Honor Mountaineer Who Faked Everest Summit?

Here’s an interesting story brought to my attention courtesy of the Adventure Mountain blog. The site_which is run by longtime adventure sports journalists Stephen Nestler_says that on Sunday, India will hand out its annual National Sports Awards for 2020. Among those being honored is a young man by the name of Narender Singh Yadav, who claims … Read more

If You Want to Sign Up For Eco-Challenge Patagonia, You Better Hurry!

Eco-Challenge has been a success for Mark Burnett and Amazon, bringing adventure racing to a worldwide audience for the first time in years. Not long after it made its debut on the Prime Video streaming platform a couple of weeks back, it was announced that the next edition of the “world’s toughest race” would take … Read more

German Team Makes Second First Ascent in 3 Days

Last week I posted an update of the quiet, yet still unfolding, climbing season in Pakistan, where very few teams have arrived this summer. Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, most commercial and independent climbing expeditions have elected to stay home, avoiding potential exposure while traveling. But a team from Germany did make the journey and … Read more

Video: Exploring the Boundary Waters of Northern Minnesota

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area—located along the border of the U.S. and Canada in northern Minnesota—is one of the truly great wilderness regions in all of North America. Few places blend forests and water in such a seamless fashion, creating a place so remote that it is best explored by paddling. In this video, we … Read more