Gear Closet: Suunto 5 GPS Watch Review

Suunto 5 GPS watch

Suunto 5 GPS watch: Most outdoor athletes benefit to some degree from wearing a sports-focused, fitness-oriented watch during their workouts. The problem is, many of those watches are expensive, overly complex, and/or offer poor battery life. With the release of the new Suunto 5 watch however, long-time outdoor brand Suunto is looking to change all … Read more

Adventure Travel Essentials: Apple iPad Pro (2018) Review

Apple iPad Pro

Each day this week I’ve been sharing some of my favorite tech gadgets that I carry with me when hitting the road on my semi-frequent travels. Those have included things like a pair of noise cancelling headphones from TaoTronics, a beautiful GPS watch from Citizen, and the RavPower FileHub –– a device that I described as … Read more

Adventure Travel Essentials: Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Freedom Watch


Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Freedom: All week long, I’m sharing some interesting and useful pieces of gear that will provide adventure travelers with more convenience and comfort while on the road. Yesterday I offered up a review of the new noise-canceling headphones from TaoTronics, which I find indispensable on long flights or in airports. Today, … Read more

Gear Closet: Skullcandy Push True Wireless Earbuds Review


The arrival of truly wireless earbuds a few years back was a real game-changer for runners and cyclists. While the transition away from traditional earphones that plugged into our mobile devices to Bluetooth models that delivered audio wirelessly was a great step forward, there were still issues to contend with. Most notably, there was still … Read more

Gear Closet: AxisGo Water Housing for iPhone Review

AxisGo Water Housing for iPhone

AxisGo Water Housing for iPhone: One of the best things about using an iPhone as my smartphone of choice is that it gets lots of options when it comes to accessories. While some phone manufacturers struggle to even get quality cases made for their devices, Apple’s ecosystem is filled with unique, weird, and wonderful add-ons. … Read more