Has Commercial Climbing Ruined K2?

Climbing Ruined K2

If you follow the mountaineering scene closely you probably already know that commercial climbing teams have found a great deal of success on K2 in recent years. A peak that was once the domain of only the best alpinists in the world has been summited dozens of times in 2017 and 2018, calling into question … Read more

Adventure Tech: The Gladius Advanced Pro Underwater Drone

Gladius Advanced Pro Underwater Drone

If you asked most people to describe a drone, they’d probably say they are small, easy to operate aircraft that are popular with adventure filmmakers and photographers. While that wouldn’t necessarily be an inaccurate description, it also wouldn’t encompass everything that drones are about either. For instance, drones don’t have to necessarily fly. Take for … Read more

The Man Who Searched for the Yeti

Who Searched for the Yeti

National Geographic has an interesting story posted online. The article is an interview with Daniel Taylor, who recently wrote a book entitled Yeti: The Ecology of a Mystery, in which he examines the history of the famous “wild man” of the Himalaya, while the author himself goes in search of the mythical animal himself, making … Read more