The Lessons of Antarctica, Part 3

Part 3 of John Wilton-Davies series of articles on “Lessons Learned in Antartica” has been posted over at This time out, we get John’s thoughts on eating and drinking, as well as maintain communications. And perhaps the greatest lesson of all, dealing with boredom.

On the topic of food and water he says make sure you try the food before you head out on your expedition, and bring things that can save weight and space. When it comes to water. Drink. A lot. Enought said. For communication, he talks about how hard it can be to get an Iridium connection, but when you do hear from the outside, it makes it all worth while, and is a great movivator. As for boredom, he says it’s probably the hardest thing to deal with over all. His iPod batteries lasted only one hour in the extreme cold, but could be extended with the device tucked inside warm clothing. He recommends audio books over music for helping to pass the time as well.

This short series of articles has been interesting in giving some insight on what it’s like for these solo Polar explorers. The tips he gives out can be used in other regions too, as much of it is applicable to nearly any expedition.

Kraig Becker

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