ARWC: Nike Moves Out In Front!

It’s been a cold, rainy couple of days at the Adventure Racing World Championship with teams battling the course, the weather, and each other. Yesterday was highlighted by a swimming/paddling section in which two team members swam across Loch Ness, while the other two padled on sit-on-top kayaks. To my knowledge, there were no monster sightings, but that may have been the least of their worries, as the water temperature was a chilly 45 F (7 C). Brrr!

The big news today can be found on the leaderboard where Team Nike has claimed the top spot on a mountain biking leg. Nike has always been tough on the bikes, and they over took Wilsa Helly Hansen on that section. The lead isn’t a large one, especially with plenty of racing still to come, but it puts the top adventure racing team in the drivers seat, where they are accustomed to being, and fans of the sport know that once Nike gets out in front, they can be very tough to catch. Third place currently goes, who are hanging tough right now, but they are being shadowed by Balance Vector, who I expect to make a move in the next day or so as well. Team Buff CoolMax rounds out the top five.

You can catch up on all the current race news by reading the latest race reports over at I have to actually commend them, as they have done a good job of posting regular reports. Sometimes on these larger expedition length races, it’s hard to get news from the field, but the reports have come regularly and with solid information about what the teams are experiencing.

And if you would like to see a video from the Day 1 prologue you can find one in the Yak Blog over at

Still plenty of racing to go. Nike leads for now, but I think Balance Vector will push them yet, and there are a few teams lurking just outside the top five that have the capabilities of making a push as well. It should be an exciting finish.

Kraig Becker

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