Breaking News: Alan Is Off Denali

I’ve been mentioning Alan Arnette’s Denali climb quite regularly the past couple of weeks as we’ve listened to his audio dispatches and waited for updates on his progress. Alan’s latest audio dispatch just came in with the news that he is off the mountain after experiencing severe abdominal pains.

The last report we had was that he and the rest of his team were stuck at 14,200 feet waiting for a weather window. Apparently that window came today, and the team began to move up the mountain in preparation for their summit bid. However, when Alan reached the Headwall at around 16,000 feet or so, he began to get sick and was forced to turn back. He returned to the Ranger Camp and was immediately evacuated from the mountain and has been checked over by a doctor, and is presently feeling much better, but his effectively bring to a close his climb on Denali.

This is just the first step in Alan’s Road Back To Everest however, and this set back will not deter his bigger goals. Right now, he’s feeling a little let down, but he also knows that the first thing he has to think about is coming home safe and sound. Alan promises us a written report on his climb next week, once he’s safe and sound back in Colorado, along with some sure-to-be amazing photos as well.

Alan, I’m glad to hear you’re safe and feeling better, but don’t let this bump in the Road deter you from your bigger prize.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Breaking News: Alan Is Off Denali”

  1. Thanks Kraig,

    I appreciate your support and words of confidence. I was able to change my return flight to get home late Friday night.

    I am very disappointed about what happened – full stop. And I need to figure out why it happened.

    It was not food poisoning or altitude sickness. My oxygen blood sat was in the high 80’s at 17,000′ – quite good and showed I was fully acclimatized. So something else is goining on. I am going to see a sports specialist when get back.

    Anyway, I feeling a little better today after a lot of sleep and redehydration.

    Thanks for your great coverage and support of the Alzheimer’s cause.

    Climb On!


  2. Good to hear you are feeling better Alan, and while I know you’re disappointed that you didn’t summit, you also know that the most important thing is getting back down in one piece.

    Hopefully this was just a fluke thing and you can soon set your sights on your bigger goal once more. Take care of yourself first, rest up, and you’ll be climbing again soon.

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