Michael Reardon Memorial Set For August 18th

The Adventurist sends word that there will be a memorial held for climber Michael Reardon on August 18th at Malibu Creek State Park, near Los Angeles, California. It will be a day to celebrate Michael, his accomplishments, and his love for life.

As I’m sure you remember, Michael was killed recently in a freak accident while climbing in Ireland. After descending a 600 foot cliff, he stopped to pose for photographs on a small rock outcropping just above the crushing waves the ocean. One of those waves swept over him, knocking him off the rocks and pulling him out to sea.

Jason, over at the Adventurist, has done a great job following the story from the moment it was announced, and his site has become a central point for the climbing community to share their thoughts and memories on Michael. The Memorial Service will be a chance for everyone to do that once more, this time in person, and lend some support to Michael’s family. Everyone is encouraged to attend the event, and remember Michael for the person he was, as a climber, husband, father, and more.

Kraig Becker

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