Double Amputee Takes On The AT

The Appalachian Trail is one of the truly epic hikes in North America. At 2175 miles, it’s a challenge for any experienced backpacker, and while some people do it all in one go, others will take it in chunks at a time, but most will do it on their own two feet.

Enter Todd Murphy, a 34 year old hiker who lost both of his lower legs due to a birth defect when he was young, and now gets around on two prosthetic legs. He’s currently about 600 miles into his intended AT journey and is knocking off between 12 and 19 miles per day. Murphy began his hike in Maine, and is working his way South, with the intention of eventually ending in Georgia.

The trip hasn’t been an easy one already. He struggled through the rocky terrain in Maine, and only a few days in he had already damaged his prosthetic legs and was forced to leave the trail to contact his doctor. Along the way, he has also come to subscribe to the light and fast style of hiking, dumping his heavy fleece clothing and tent in favor of less bulky gear. He now carries a mere 30 pounds a day. And like all good travelers in the 21st Century, he’s also blogging his journey as well.

I’d love to do the AT end to end. I think it would be great to do with a couple of close friends. It’s pretty inspirational to see a guy like Todd head out on the trail, and not let a little thing like two missing legs get his way. Obviously he’s got a long way to go yet, but I wish him the best of luck, and I hope he makes all the way to the end.

Thanks to the GoBlog for this one.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Double Amputee Takes On The AT”

  1. This man is really something special. Having known him for more than half of my life now I can say that with the utmost confidence. When his heart is set on something nothing will stand in his way… a lesson we could all learn from… He’ll make the whole trip and his son and I will be waiting anxiously for his return!

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Toddy. You’re right, we can all learn a lot from him. And I admire his strength and determination.

  3. they ran a photo of him in the roanoke paper of him atop mcafees knob (my favorite hike).. how inspiring.. i hope he finishes! I wanted to post a copy of that photo on my blog, but can’t find it online anywhere..

    When I graduate I want to do the whole AT.. for now I have to be content with one 20 mile section at a time


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