Long Way Down: Charlie and Ewan Are Done!

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Fans of the show Long Way Round will be happy to hear that Charlie and Ewan have completed their next journey, the Long Way Down.

In their first adventure Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor (yes, that Ewan McGregor) rode their motorcycles around the World. They started in the U.K., rode across Europe, into Russia, Mongolia, and continued into Alaska and the through the United States. It made for a fun television show and book.

I mentioned some time back that the two friend had set off again, this time to ride their bikes from the U.K. to Cape Town, South Africa. Word came in over the weekend that after 70 days, they reached their destination, and have completed their latest journey.

The new show is set to begin airing on the BBC in September, but I have yet to hear if and when it will air here in the States. I’m hoping someone will pick it up and the series though, as it was a lot of fun to follow their journey last time.

I’m looking forward to seeing their African adventure as it promises some amazing natural sites and wildlife encounters. I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything about which network will air the show, but my odds on favorite choices would be The Discovery Channel, A&E (I believe they broadcasted Long Way Round, or BBC America for obvious reasons.

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