Trekker Spends 32 Days Lost In India

Here’s a crazy story to start off the new week. The Times of India is reporting that a trekker survived 32 days lost in the wilds of the Indian jungles.

Ajay Tanaji Kolhe, age 30, becaome separated from his trekking group back on September 2nd. He claims he was following his seven companions, when he lost sight of them, took a wrong trail, and later slipped, hitting his head, and knocking himself unconscious. He said that it took him two days to regain his senses, and after that time, he was lost and disoriented beyond compare.

For the next five days, he walked without food or water before hunger and thirst caught up with him. He reportedly resorted to eating grass and drinking dirty water from the nearby nullah, or drainage ditch. He spent another 20 days wandering the forests, with little or no shelter from the torrential rains. At that point he had pretty much given up hope, and wanted to kill himself, but was driven forward with the hopes of seeing his mother again.

Meanwhile, the other trekkers, returned to town and filled out a police report on their missing friend. The local authorities conducted a search for two days before the rains set in, making it nearly impossible to find the missing man. The rains continued for three days, but the search went on, to no avail.

Finally, everyone had given up hope, but then Kolhe was found, unconscious in a nullah, on Oct. 3rd. A local man took him to a nearby hospital where he is said to be still gaining his strength and health.

What an amazing story. Generally these things end in tragedy, but this guy managed to find a way to stay alive, doing what ever he had to do. It sounds like he was found just in time however, as in his weakened state, I doubt he could have survived for much longer.

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Kraig Becker

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