11 Year-Old Goes For Seven Summits

It’s been over a year since I last mentioned Jordan Romero, but he’s kept himself busy in that time period. According to this article over at the San Bernardino Sun website, Jordan has continued on his quest to climb theSeven Summits. Of course, there are plenty of people who make the Seven Summits a goal, but few start when they are ten years of age, and have three of the summits down by the time they are eleven.

Back in July of 2006, just a few days after he turned ten, Jordan topped out on Kilimanjaro. Since then, he’s also climbed Mt. Kosciuszko and Elbrus. Tomorrow, he and his dad and stepmother will head off to Argentina to scale Aconcagua. After that, he’ll have just Denali, Vinson, and Everest left on his list. His website indicates that he’s also going after Carstensz Pyramid as well.

I swear when I was eleven going up the stairs seemed like a chore. I think I got nose bleeds if I climbed a tree. This kid’s about to attempt to climb the highest peak outside of the Himalayas, and he’s going to blog about it as he goes. I guess his teacher will know what his “What I did over Christmas Break” essay will be about, huh?

Thanks to Outdoor Ed for reminding me of Jordan’s quest.

Kraig Becker

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