Behind The Scenes on Steep

03 armstrong has posted an interesting behind the scenes look at a new skiing movie entitled Steep. The film is produced by Sony Picture Classics, and focuses on big mountain skiing in North America, a relatively new sport that still finds many of it’s pioneers alive and skiing.

The article is written by Andrew McLean, one of the skiers that we’ll see prominently featured in the film and an active particpant in it’s making. Andrew is able to offer us interesting insights into the making of the movie, including it’s initial conception, inspirations for those involved, and some key moments during filming that really made the whole two year process an adventure.

Steep will go into limited release on December 21st, and will continue to play in theaters through March. You can find a list of locations and theaters at the end of the article. You’ll also be able to catch a sneak peak at the film itself by checking out the trailer here.

Looks like a beautifully shot and fun movie, and it’s coming to my area in February. Can’t wait to check it out.

Kraig Becker

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