Iditarod 2008: And They’re Off!

Yesterday the ceremonial start to the 2008 Iditrod kicked off this year’s event in Anchorage, Alaska. 96 mushers got things underway in classic fashion with fans lining the 11-mile route through the city, cheering on their favorite teams. The weather was cool (13 degrees F), which is perfect running conditions for the dogs who were eager to get to work

Today, the real race begins, with the mushers and their teams setting out on the main trail from Willow, with the competition close at hand. New to the race this year is GPS tracking of the team, so you can check on their progress in real time. To do so, you simply have to sign up, using your e-mail address, at this website. A quick glance at the leaderboard shows us that it is still too early in to see the standings, but things will begin to shake out over the rest of the day, and the week ahead.

For up to date news on the Iditarod, check out where you’ll find a complete list of the mushers, musings on who will win this year’s event, and profiles of some of the top dogs in the Iditarod.

Looks like this should be another amazing event to follow this year. Can’t wait to start getting race reports and news from the trail.

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Iditarod 2008: And They’re Off!”

  1. Great post on the iditarod! It sure is a fun event to watch, even online…

    I’m a former resident of Nome and can’t get enough of the race….Check out our coverage of Iditarod 2008 on

  2. Hi Josh! Thanks for the link to your blog. I’ll definitely check it out and give it a plug in my upcoming Iditarod posts.

    You’re right, it is an amazing event. I love following it every year, and can’t wait to read the race reports and watch the leaderboard. I can only imagine how much you must miss it having lived in Nome.

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