Damn I Hate The Internet On April 1st!

Need I say more…


Kraig Becker

6 thoughts on “Damn I Hate The Internet On April 1st!”

  1. Funny. I seen this earlier as well. I have already been taken in by an internet trick, too. Was reading how Barry Bonds had been signed by the Angels for an enormously huge sum–after clicking the title, you are taken to a YouTube video of a 1980’s Rick Astley Video..lol It is amusing though, as long as it is only for one day..

    I would almost buy that issue….almost. Haha

    I liked the “Native Girls Gone Wild” article posted on the bottom of the cover. Funny stuff, Kraig.

  2. YouTube was “Rick-Rolling” everyone on their front page earlier. Ever video you clicked on took you to a Rick Astley video.

    I seriously thought about boycotting the Internet for the day.

  3. That is funny.

    By the way, what is up with Rick Astley?

    The site that led me to the video was Protrade. Had no idea YouTube had done the same..sounds like a major plan.

    I was hoping for the Walker: Texas Ranger..but that is ok, they burned me with Rick Astley instead.

  4. The whole “Rick-Rolling” Phenomenon started last year. Not sure where, but it quickly became an Internet meme. People would post a link that was suppose to be one thing, and it lead to a YouTube video of one of his songs. Kind of silly, but even Astley himself thought it was funny.

    I was amused that YouTube picked up on it and used it today though. 🙂

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