Annapurna Update: Rescue Attempt Underway!

Yesterday I posted that Iñaki Ochoa was having health issues on Annapurna after turning back 100 meters below the summit due to frostbite and not enough rope. Upon returning to Camp 4 with Horia however, he suffered a seizure of some kind, and has been stranded there since. The reports were that he was vomiting and nearly unconscious.

Today, ExWeb has updated us all on the situation with the news that two rescue teams are on their way up the mountain to assist in bringing Iñaki down.

A team of Swiss climbers have reached C3 and will proceed up the mountain as soon as they can, while a second team, lead by Russian Serguey Bogomolov is also on the way back to the mountain. Serguey had already returned to Kathmandu, but is rushing back to help despite suffering frostbite himself on Annapuran recently. The chopper carrying the team was delayed by bad weather. At this point, Iñaki is reportedly conscious, but unable to walk, so it will take the combined efforts of everyone involved to bring him down safely.

Meanwhile, Russian Alexey Bolotov has proceeded down to C3 as well. At this point it’s not clear if he reached the summit by himself, nor what his condition is, as he has spent a great deal of time at altitude over the past few days as well.

I’ll continue to post updates when they come in. Keep everyone involved in your thoughts and prayers until they are all down safe.

Kraig Becker

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