JPFreek Releases Summer 2008 Issue

summer 2008
The online adventure magazine JPFreek that I mentioned a few weeks back has released their Summer 2008 issue with plenty of cool articles for your reading pleasure.

You’ll probably recall that the e-zine is aimed at Jeep enthusiasts, but there is plenty of interest for anyone looking for outdoor adventure. For instance, in this issue, you’ll find an excellent article on mountain biking across Africa on the Tour d’ Afrique that’ll have you tuning up your bike and making plans for the next edition of that iconic race. There is also a story about adventure racing, which follows author/racer Brad Pennington as he delves into the history of the sport, the disciplines involved, and what it takes to succeed. Other stories focus on such outdoor activities as rock climbing and off road adventuring in, what else, a Jeep!

I’m once again impressed with the online interface for JPFreek. It’s slick, very easy to read, and simple to navigate. The magazine offers great content, excellent photos, and a wealth of good information, whether you drive their vehicle of choice or not. It’s clear that the writers and editors are fans of adventure in what ever form it takes, and have a healthy dose of love, and respect, for our outdoor environments. Even though I used the term “e-zine” above to describe JPFreek, I’m hesitant to do so, as once you get reading it, you’ll almost forget that it’s on your computer screen and not a print mag.

Great stuff guys! Keep up the good work!

Kraig Becker

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