Luxury Wilderness Lodges of South America

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Ever wanted to escape to South America, explore it’s amazing wilderness areas, but still enjoy a luxury lodge at the end of the day? Well, you’re in luck, as the latest article from Forbes Traveler has some great recommendations for you.

The article lists the top wilderness lodges of South America with some amazing places to stay in Peru, Brazil, Argentina, and more. They even list the prices, which range from “not bad” to “how much??”.

Some of the locations include the Caiman Ecological Refuge in Pantanal, Brazil, which sits in the regions wetlands allowing visitors to take in the Amazon (River and Rainforest) while relaxing comfortably. Looking for something with a bit more to offer in terms of activities? Head to the Hotel Machu Picchu Pueblo Inn, located in Cusco, Peru. The Inn offers 12 acres of hiking trails, the worlds largest collection of orchids, and easy access to the fabled mountain top city. For something really unique, check out the M/V Aqua, on the Northern Amazon in Peru. This “inn” is actually a boat that travels the Peruvian Amazon, stopping at local villages along the way and offering visitors the chance to fish for piranha.

These options sound like perfectly wonderful, if a bit pricey, ways to visit South America and enjoy it’s natural wonders. Personally, I’d probably still prefer a nice trek, sleeping in a tent along the way, with a night at the beginning or end in a nice hotel, but some of these look really enticing. An Amazon cruise could be really cool, provided I’m allowed off the boat to explore some as well. If I had to pick one of these though, I’d want the Machu Picchu lodge I think.

Kraig Becker

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