The GoBlog tipped me off to this new website earlier today, and it looks like it’s set to be a great resource. It’s called and it’s working toward becoming the online resource for trail information for a variety of sports.

Launched by the good folks over at Eastern Mountain Sports, MntnLife is designed to be a place where outdoor enthusiasts can share their favorite trails, whether those are on land, water, or snow. At it’s heart, it is an ever growing search engine with information about the top outdoor activities all over the country.

The site is broken down into “Water”, “Earth”, and “Snow” sections, which are further subdivided by sports, such as “Kayaking”, “Mountain Biking”, or “Snowshoeing”. Clicking on either of these areas will allow you to search more throughly based on your specific interest.

The site has only been live for about two weeks, but there is already an active community growing there and lot of trail data being added regularly. You can search through the provided information by location, and even look for GPS data, level of difficulty, length, and so on.

EMS says they launched the site as a gift for their customers and the online outdoor community in general. While it’s still a bit new, looks like it has potential to be huge, and I’m sure in the near future, it’ll be one of those sites you’ll use regularly to look for new routes, whether you’re paddling, hiking, or biking. Bookmark it now!

And EMS? Thanks for the gift!!

Kraig Becker

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