The Big Red Desert Challenge Website Updated

A week or so back I made a post about the Simpson Desert Challenge, an endurance event scheduled to take place in May of 2009 in the Simpson Desert of Australia. At the time, I mentioned that the website was still under construction and more news on the event would be coming soon.

The website has now been updated, and the race has undergone a name change, becoming The Big Red Desert Challenge. No matter what they all it though, the objective remains the same, as teams of walkers (or runners), will be competing against one another across 240km (150 miles) of the Simpson Desert, one of the most desolate and remote places on the planet.

The General Information page has lots of the big picture details, including an itinerary and basic rules. Teams will consist of at least two members and may range up to six, and much like in an adventure race, they must all remain within 100 meters of one another at all times. As a stage race, competitors will be camping each night in the same location, and cumulative times will be kept to determine placement in the rankings.

Other sections of the site contain a lot more detailed information about what you can expect out of the event. For instance, there is some information on the route, mandatory gear, as well as required camping equipment, expected costs, and much much more.

This is already shaping up to look like a fantastic event. The teams will be trekking through almost other-worldly environments, as they tackle some of the tallest and longest sand dunes found anywhere in the world. They’ll be spending up to 14 1/2 hours per day in one of the driest climates on Earth, and they’ll be forced to ration their water and decide what to ary with them and what to save for later. Much like the 4 Deserts Ultramarathons, this should be a lot of fun to follow next May.

Kraig Becker

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