Colin Haley Solos Patagonian Big Wall

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The Cleanest Line, the official blog for Patagonia gear, is reporting that 24 year old Colin Haley has solo climbed Supercanaleta on the Fitz Roy Massif in Patagonia. (the place!)

Haley was already in the region climbing with a friend, but decided to stay and make a solo climb after his partner returned home. The 1600 meter (5250 foot) Supercanaleta seemed like a daunting challenge, even though Colin says he hasn’t done much challenging solo climbing in the past few years. In the article he gives his first hand account of the climb, with good details on the wall itself and the challenges it presented.

Earlier this week I posted about an Outside Magazine profile of Colin. The young mountaineer has already put together quite a resume of climbs and is seen as one of the bright young stars in climbing. Last year he completed the Torre Traverse along with Rolando Garibotti.

I closed my post on Colin a few days ago saying that we were likely to see big things coming from him for years to come. I guess that proved prophetic, but I just didn’t expect to hear something so soon.

Congrats Colin! Amazing work!

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Colin Haley Solos Patagonian Big Wall”

  1. Fitz Roy: only half the size of Himalayan mountains, but perhaps more difficult to climb due to long stretches of technical granite face climbing. Amazing.

  2. Yeah, it’s a pretty amazing place. About the only thing worse in the Himalaya is having to deal with the altitude issues, which are not as bad in Patagonia. Technically very challenging though.

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