Update on the Chocolate Sherpa Project

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A couple of months back I posted a story on the Chocolate Sherpa Project, in which Belgian adventurer Louis-Philippe Loncke would be trekking to Everest Base Camp, along with some others, carrying more than 100kg (220 pounds) of chocolate to distribute there. The plan is to also distribute chocolate en route, pushing the total distribution to over 400 pounds when all is said and done. The entire expedition is for a good cause as well, as the plan is to raise money to fund the Nepal mobile hospital, a medical station easily transported by chopper or truck to access remote regions of the country where many people have never received medial attention before. Donations can be made via the website after the 7th of April. All funds go to the Nepal mobile hospital project in Nepal.

It seems that the project is proceeding on schedule, and the team will be heading to Nepal in just a few weeks time. Louis-Philippe is now joined by Joseph de Mahieu and Norbert Eggermont on the trek, while Jeremy Roumian will serve as the support crew, handling logistics and expedition planning. The team has gained some sponsors, who have sent them some excellent gear to use on their journey, but they are still looking for more, so if any companies would like to lend a hand, and see your logo on a banner unveiled at 5350m (17,552 feet), then be sure to contact the team to let them know you want to help out.

The chocolate that the team will be distributing is rich in Acticoa, providing healthy benefits to those who eat it. Acticoa is rich in anti-oxidants and studies have shown that it provides a number of health benefits, including helping with circulation and heart conditions, maintaining low blood pressure, and increasing brain activity, while enhancing the mood of those who eat it. This means that climbers and sherpas can look forward to enjoying excellent Belgian Chocolate in Base Camp this year, while also receiving these benefits. You can find out more about the chocolate and these benefits at Acticoa.com.

I expect that weโ€™ll hear more about the project once it gets underway. It seems like the team is dedicated and looking forward to the adventure, but also having some fun along the way.

Kraig Becker

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