World Record for Kayak Drop Shattered! (Yeah, again!)

Remember awhile back when I posted about Pedro Oliva’s big kayak drop of 127 feet? I even followed up with some video of the crazy feat. Well, it seems that that huge drop may now be a distant memory, as it supposedly wasn’t just beaten, it was completely destroyed.

A new blog post over at the Tribe website indicates that extreme kayaker Tyler Bradt has set a new record by making a 186 foot drop! The post doesn’t offer a whole lot more information than that, but the Outside blog is reporting that the record was achieved on Palouse Falls in Washington State. Apparently, Bradt is alive and well, with Outside saying, “He rolled up at the bottom with the wind knocked out of him, a broken paddle and an uncontested new record for the highest waterfall kayaked.”

As of now, there are no pictures or video released, but expect some soon. There were cameramen and photographers on hand to witness the event.

One-hundred-eighty-six feet! All I can say is WOW!

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “World Record for Kayak Drop Shattered! (Yeah, again!)”

  1. It was cool to see Tyler go over the falls. We were in Washington on vacation when my sister suggested we go see the falls. They were just setting up the cameras when we got there, so we hung around to see him set the record. We all held our breath until he popped back up after he disappeared into the falls. Really loved it when he paddled back out, rolled over, did a 360 and rolled back up. Way to go!!

  2. Thanks for the first hand account. Can’t wait to see the video. That is one big, scary drop!

  3. Tyler is a homie of mine and he showed me some of the pics and footage of the drop. Words don’t give it justice. This shit is crazy!! 186 ft!!!

    Hey Pedro, what did you pack for lunch today? Looks like your gonna go hungry, because Tyler just ate that shit….

  4. LOL! Smack talk in the comments! I love it! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the video. 186 feet sounds nuts!

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