The New Age of Exploration: An Interview with Explorers’ Club President Lorie Karnath

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The National Geographic Adventure Blog continues to offer great new content and compelling information since it was resurrected from the grave back in February. Today they have an excellent interview with Explorers’ Club President Lorie Karnath, who touches on a variety of topics, including the “New Age of Exploration”.

In the interview, Lorie discusses a host of wide ranging topics, including her thoughts on the future of space tourism, which is just now entering its infancy. She mentions some members of the club working on privately funded space explorations projects, and the importance of continuing to explore other planets, which could eventually lead to colonization and more.

The Explorer’s Club is an organization dedicated to “promoting exploration and the field sciences”, and one of its more public events is the annual dinner in which they give out awards and shine a spotlight on an emerging area of exploration. This year’s dinner takes place this Saturday, March 20th, and clearly the theme is all about exploring space. Lorie shares some of the surprised that attendees of the dinner can expect, including a menu of “future foods” and a visit from animal friends who have helped us in our exploration of space thus far.

Exploring space holds a lot of possibilities, and it is interesting to think that we are entering a new era were privately funded explorers may be headed up into orbit and beyond. We’re obviously quite a long way from stepping onto another planet at this point, but the possibilities are there for the future.

Kraig Becker

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