Ten Great Train Adventures

Wide World Magazine has another fun article online today, this time for the travelers amongst us. The online mag has put together their selection of 10 great rail adventures from around the globe, offering up some great suggestions on amazing places to visit by train.

The ten trips are not listed in any particular order, and fall under specific categories. For instance, they kick things off with the world’s most famous train ride, the Trans-Siberia, which stretches for more than 5000 miles through Russia’s most remote areas. The route can be completed in just a week or can be explored for months, depending on your itinerary, and there are side routes that travel through Mongolia, pass into Beijing, and glide by Lake Baikal, the largest freshwater lake in the world.

Other classic train rides that make the list include the highest in the world in the form of the China-Tibet line, a historic route along the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, and their pick for the best train ride through Europe, the Bernina Express in Switzerland.

If you’ve ever wanted to make an amazing journey by rail, there are certainly more than a few great recommendations here. Personally, I think a long distance train ride would make for a fantastic travel experience, and I’d love to do just about every one of the trips on this list.

Kraig Becker

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  1. The Trans-Siberian adventures ( for some reason) are very popular nowadays…But if you are not "EXTEREMLY ! adventurous" , the 7 day train ride, aboard one those Rissian pre-histrotic trains in " plazkartniy vagon" is murderous ! ( if you are not travelling "first class" of course). But…still relatevly cheap ! I wouldn't recommend to go with "tour operators" ( cause you'll end up paying twice the price ). The best way is to have a Russian speaking friend with you, buy your ticket, hop on, and "have fun"!

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