Video: TravelSmith Travel Tip #8 – How Not To Get Lost In A New City

We’re back with another travel tip courtesy of our friend Richard Bangs this week, and yes, if you’re keeping track at home, we went out of order, posting Tip #9 last week. This time out, Richard has some helpful tips to avoid getting lost while visiting a foreign city, or to help you find your way back home if you do. These are certainly some good things to keep in mind, and would have come in handy when I got lost in Cairo a few years back.

Kraig Becker

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  1. This is great for someone like me that spends as much time wondering where I am as knowing where I am. Here is a little trip saving tip that I learned the hard way when I lost my laptop on a trip. The truth is that almost every "lost" item gets found by someone. The problem is getting it back to the owner. If the finder is not able to easily figure out who it belongs to it won't get returned. This is why putting tracker tags from on all your stuff is such a great idea. They make it easy for someone finding your lost things to return them quickly without having your personal information exposed.

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