Video: Valhalla – A Journey Through a Hidden Slot Canyon in Oregon

In a country as settled and developed at the U.S. it is hard to believe that there are still corners of the map that have yet to be full explored. But there are also many wild places in the States, some of which have yet to be visited by man. Take for example the slot canyon shown in this video.

It was recently discovered in a remote area of Oregon, and judging from the footage seen here, it is a pristine, untouched place that looks like a hidden paradise. The exact location of this place has not been shared, and after watching this, I think that might be for the best. Definitely an amazing looking place. Don’t miss this clip. It is well worth a watch.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Video: Valhalla – A Journey Through a Hidden Slot Canyon in Oregon”

  1. Kind of disturbing for the film maker to say 'witness the beauty but know you are so unwelcomed' Reserved for the special people.

  2. Yeah, I get that they're trying to preserve the place and not let too many people in, but it doesn't come across in a positive way.

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