2020 Everest Expedition Gives You the Chance to Climb with Nepali Legends

The 2019 spring climbing season on Everest may still be a month off, but there are already some people who are looking ahead to the 2020 season instead. For instance, a Nepali company called Sherpa Guide, which offers trekking itineraries, various luxury tours, and mountaineering adventures, has announced a major expedition for next year. What sets this one apart from the dozens of other operators who will be taking clients to the world’s highest peak next year is just who will be leading the climb.

The Sherpa Guide Everest Expeditor 2020 team reads like a who’s who of legendary Nepali climbers. In fact, the Sherpas who will be leading the climb have a combined 172 summits of the mountain, spread out over 337 previous expeditions. Along the way, they have assisted more than 1200 people in their efforts to reach the summit, making this probably the most experienced team to ever take the mountain together. So just who will be a part of the team? The Sherpa Guide website lists the following individuals as joining the squad next year:

1. Apa Sherpa. 21times Mt. Everest summit, 25 major expeditions.,
2. Lakpa Rita Sherpa. 17 times Mt. Everest Summit, 47 major Expeditions.
3. Lhapka Gelu Sherpa. 15 times Everest Summit, 32 major expeditions.),
4. Pemba Gelje Sherpa. 7 times Everest summit, 34 major expeditions)
5. Pemba Tenjin Sherpa. 18 times Mt. Everest summit, 27 major expeditions
6. Lakpa Nuru Sherpa. 9 times Mt. Everest summit, 14 major expeditions)
7. Kami Rita Sherpa. 17 times Mt. Everest summit, 28 major expeditions
8. Pasang Dawa Sherpa. 9 times Mt. Everest summit, 17 major expeditions
9. Mingma Ongel Sherpa. 7 times Mt. Everest summit, 17 major expeditions
10. Pasang Tsering Sherpa. 9 times Mt. Everest summit, 21 major expeditions
11. Pemba Chutti Sherpa. 12 times Mt. Everest Summit. 26 Major Expeditions.
12. Pemba Tenjin Sherpa. 13 times Mt. Everest summit, 21 major expeditions
13. Dorji Sonam. 18 times Mt. Everest summit, 28 major expeditions.

You know you’re in good hands when the least experienced members of the team “only” have seven successful summits of Everest. The expedition is scheduled to take place from April 2 to June 5 of next year, beginning and ending in Kathmandu of course. The price of the expedition is not listed on the website, although you can send email inquiries to info@sherpaguide.com.

These days its become incredibly challenging for an Everest operator to find a way to stand out in the crowd. There are so many options to choose from, each offering their own unique approach on a mountaineering expedition. Some try to cut the price and skimp on amenities. Others go for the high end and offer some surprising luxuries while on the mountain. In this case, its hard to argue with the roster of team leaders they’ve put together. Just spending time in BC with these guys would be amazing. I can’t wait to follow along with their journey next year.

Kraig Becker