Video: Take a Guided Tour Inside the Wreckage of the HMS Terror

In the annals of exploration history there are few mysteries than run deeper than that of the Franklin Expedition. Back in 1845, the Has Erebus and HMS Terror set tail from Britain an attempt to discover the Northwest Passage. The two ships were under the command of Captain Sir John Franklin and hopes were high that the state-of-the-art (for the time!) vessels would win the day. But over the course of the voyage the two ships went missing, never to be heard from or seen again. That is, until the Erebus was discovered at the bottom of the ocean in 2014 and the Terror was located some distance away in 2016. As it turns out, the wreckage of the Terror is actually in “pristine” condition, only deepening the mystery as to what happened to it.

In the video above, shot just a few weeks back, we get a tour of the HMS Terror thanks to remotely controlled underwater drones. The video was shot by archaeologists investigating the site that the ship went down, with even the researchers involved being stunned by what they had found. Inside the ship, things are almost in perfect order, with dishes on shelves, tools left in place, maps and ship’s logs still on desks, and the door to the captain’s cabin closed. What happened to the vessel and her crew remains a mystery, but here we can catch a glimpse of that lost voyage.

Kraig Becker