Video: The Lost Forest of Mozambique

Forest of Mozambique: If you’re looking for a little escape this weekend and find yourself craving a bit of exploration and adventure, then queue this video up for a watch. It is a 20-minute long short documentary that follows an international team of researchers as they travel to a remote region in Mozambique. There, they find a “lost forest” that has never been visited by man before. Just getting to this wild and isolated place is quite a story in and of itself, but what they find once they’re there is even more extraordinary.

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Video: The Lost Forest of Mozambique”

  1. I am in Mozambique and the thing is this trip did discover that people lived ontop of the mountain at one time… they discovered clay pots and such idk why Nat Geo would spin such a story of a never before explored forest when they found evidence that prooved natives lived there… makes me think a little less of Nat. Geo!

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