Canadian Adventurer Saves Drowning Coyote Pup, Takes Him on 10-Day Journey

Here is a fun and uplifting story that we could all use right about now. Recently, a Canadian adventurer who has only been identified as “Justin” was on a rafting trip down a river in Saskatchewan. Early on his ten-day journey, he was paddling along when he heard the sound of an animal struggling in the water.

He wasn’t sure exactly what it was but decided to lend a hand nonetheless. But when he reached into the water to pull out the soaking-wet fur ball, the raft overturned, sending Justin into the icy-cold water too.

By the time he recovered and scrambled back aboard his raft, he realized that he was not only facing the real threat of hypothermia but now had a young coyote pup along for the ride.

After recovering from the river, Justin discovered the pup was unconscious and wasn’t breathing. After making a few attempts to resuscitate the coyote, he could get the pup breathing again.

From there, he headed straight to shore and built them a warm firepit so that they could both warm-up. Before long, they were recovering from their brush with death and quickly becoming fast friends.

Over the next ten days, Justin and his new pal continued to paddle down the river. The pup shared Justin’s food and would snuggle with him in his jacket. At night, he’d sleep in the man’s backpack. Eventually, Justin would even name his companion YipYip.

As the journey neared its end, the traveler knew that he couldn’t keep the pup forever. So, he contacted the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan to see if they could help.

The organization was already raising some other orphaned pups and welcomed YipYip in with open arms. Since then, he’s been growing, learning to play with his new coyote friends, and reconnecting with his wild roots. In the fall, YipYip will be released back into the wilderness with a new lease on life thanks to his human friend.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Such a beautiful heartwarming story, I’m so happy that Justin gave that little guy hope for a new life. He is in good hands now and that makes me so happy and thankful. Little YipYip all the best for your future, I wish you that with all my heart.
    I love you

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