Video: Big Wall Climbing in Pitumarca, Peru

Climbing in Pitumarca: Yesterday I mentioned that many excellent new adventure videos had recently been released and that I would strive to bring them to you over the next few days.

This is yet one more of these amazing short documentaries, featuring climbers Emily Harrington, Nina Williams, Matty Hong, and Jacopo Larcher as they travel to Pitumarca, Peru.

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Once there, they set off into the Andes to take on some impressive rock walls, all while soaking up the incredible scenery and culture of the region and reveling in their friendship too.

This is a good reminder of why we crave travel, adventure, and the camaraderie of our friends so much, and why we look forward to a time when we can enjoy all of those things once again.

Kraig Becker

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  1. I loved the courage video quality I fully understand the effort to document It – This video reminded me of my time living in Peru from, 1965 to 71 when I published Peru’s first photographic coffee table book “Peru in Living Color”. it was so popular it sold out in two weeks. keep up the good work but be safe.

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