If You Want to Sign Up For Eco-Challenge Patagonia, You Better Hurry!

Eco-Challenge has been a success for Mark Burnett and Amazon, bringing adventure racing to a worldwide audience for the first time in years. Not long after it made its debut on the Prime Video streaming platform a couple of weeks back, it was announced that the next edition of the “world’s toughest race” would take place in Patagonia, with registration opening at the same time. Now, less than two weeks later, time is running out for those who want to sign up to be a part of this enthralling expedition race.

It seems that Eco-Challenge has struck a chord with viewers, many of whom are missing the ability to go on an adventure at the moment. Judging from the comments and responses that I’ve gotten on the post I wrote announcing registration for the 2021 race, it seems many people are looking to put together a team to compete in Patagonia. If you don’t have your team ready just yet, however, you’ll want to collect some other racers soon. The event organizers say that registration will close this Saturday, August 29, locking out anyone who attempts to join after that.

Essentially, this means that the registration period for Eco-Challenge Patagonia will have lasted for just two weeks. Usually, an expedition race of this size will allow teams to sign up for months ahead of time, particularly when there haven’t been any dates announced yet. With the pandemic still making future travel a little uncertain, race organizers haven’t shared many details just yet, other than that it will take place in Patagonia. As amazing as this season was in Fiji, I suspect racing in Chile and Argentina will take things to an entirely new level.

Good luck to everyone signing up, and I look forward to following your adventure on the next edition of Eco-Challenge.

Kraig Becker

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