Adventure Quickies: America Invests in its National Parks, Tips for Taking Kids Camping, and More

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It’s Friday, which means it is also time for my weekly rundown of some outdoor, adventure travel, and gear stories that you might have missed. Even though there are few stories of exploration, mountaineering, and adventure taking place at the moment, there are still some fun and interesting things that are worth mentioning. So, without … Read more

Video: Restoring America’s National Parks

National Parks

They have been called “America’s best idea.” The U.S. National Parks have always been of significant cultural, historical, or natural importance, and we need them now more than ever. But, they are also in need of some serious attention too. These places were preserved for their unique value, although sometimes we lose site of that … Read more

When Will America’s National Parks Reopen?

yellowstone grand canyon

When the coronavirus pandemic took hold two months back, everyone went into lockdown, travel came to a standstill, and a lot of nonessential business, governmental institutions, and other places were shutdown. Amongst them were America’s National Parks, which were closed to not only save resources, but to keep visitors safer too. Now that a bit … Read more

Adventure Quickies: eBikes in National Parks, New Gear, and More!

eBikes in National Parks

Every Friday we share adventure news, travel deals, and information about new outdoor gear that we just didn’t have time to fit in anywhere else. This week we have a lot to go over, so lets get started. U.S. Department of the Interior Okay’s eBikes in National Parks: The U.S. Department of the Interior made a … Read more

Men’s Journal Ranks the World’s Best National Parks

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The concept of creating national parks has been called “America’s best idea.” The U.S. is often credited with starting the movement to protect natural spaces and outdoor places in order to preserve them for future generations to enjoy too. The truth is, other parts of the world were already taking strides to create national parks … Read more

Video: America’s National Parks – A Love Story

If you love America’s national parks, this video is likely to strike a chord with you. It is a beautifully shot and edited love letter to the amazing places and wild spaces that make up the U.S. park system. It is at times both nostalgic and wistful, and inspirational and hopeful all at the same … Read more