The Adventure Podcast Episode 1 is Now Available!

Adventure Podcast

I’m proud to announce that Episode 1 of The Adventure Podcast is now available. In this episode, my cohost David Adlard and I talk about a wide variety of subjects, including the all-star American climbing team currently in the Antarctic, racing the Southern Ocean in a sailboat, and some of our current favorite gear. Our … Read more

Nat Geo Takes Us Deep into “Dark Star” – Potentially the Deepest Cave System in the World

Deepest Cave

Exploring deepest caves is an activity that brings its own set of challenges not unlike scaling a high mountain. Sure, you don’t have to worry about acclimatizing per se, but thin air can be an issue and carrying supplies and gear into vast underground chambers is not unlike establishing camps as you ascend a Himalayan … Read more

Thoughts on Everest: Beyond The Limit Season 3

Beyond The Limit

Discovery Channel’s third season of Everest: Beyond The Limit began airing this past Sunday, and subsequently finished up last night. The show did offer some amazing views of the mountain, and showed aspects of high altitude mountaineering, but personally I felt that it was mere shadow of its former self, and mostly ended up being … Read more

Italian Climber Stefano Zavka Missing On K2!

Stefano Zavka Missing

Stefano Zavka Missing: has posted a weekend update with the news that Sefano Zavka is missing on K2. The Italian climber summitted the mountain on Friday, and descended in bad weather, but hasn’t been seen or heard from since. He was climbing on the Abruzzi Route, and was last seen above the Bottleneck. Stefano’s … Read more

Everest: Beyond The Limit Episode 5

everest beyond limit

The fifth episode of Discovery Channel’s mountaineering mini-series Everest: Beyond The Limit aired last night, and like the previous two episodes it continued to improve quite nicely. Ever since the show shifted focus to the actual climb in Episode 3, it has been enjoyable and interesting to watch, and last night’s episode was no exception. … Read more

Update on Changabang Missing Climber

Changabang Missing Climber has posted an update on those two missing climbers on Changabang in the Indian Himalaya region. The search team now believes that the two Mexican climbers, Andres Delgado and Alfonso de la Parra, may have wandered into a highly restricted sanctuary area, and may be lost or stranded at around 5000 meters up. If … Read more